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and consistently fresh indoor airsoft experience in the UK


Tel: 01484 840554



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Times explained:

Our days of operation do change from time to time depending on if we have any special events booked. Events include parties, training and private game days. For a weekly breakdown of what to expect, please follow our Facebook page by Clicking Here > for more information.


If you would like to book your own party or event, then Contact Us during our opening hours so we can check against our calander to see if we will be free. Please have a rough number of how many people you want to involve along with a date and time.

Upgraded packages:

For a small increase in price, you can opt for an "upgraded package" that consists of an M4 with an included holographic sight, foregrip and upgraded battery. These extras give you a supreme advantage over your enemy targets with better aim, faster delivery of each shot and a much higher kill steak (all subject to player abilitity though...)

Membership discounts:

For those of you who are a member of Halo Mill Airsoft, take advantage of significantly cheaper entry, upto £10 off your first purchase at Patrol Base upon registration and more. To become a member simply enquire upon your next visit to our Arena.


Membership costs are £30 every 12 months, you will not be auto renewed so be sure to ask before your time is up.